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Mobile DJ/Entertainment for your special event by Steve C

Here are several of the questions that customers ask from time to time. If you have a question and the answer is not here,

please feel free to call or email.

What does a DJ cost?

Each event is customized to the client's needs. There are many factors involved in preparing a quote. For starters, the location of the event is important. Is it upstairs and no elevator? Is the event outdoors? Will the DJ equipment area be protected? What day of the week is the event? Is it a holiday? Is it a Friday or Saturday in December? How long do you want the DJ to play music? Do you want to add Dance Floor Lighting? Do you want to add, HD Screen Music Videos or Karaoke? Kids games and prizes? Will you need a microphone for your officiate, singers or readings for the ceremony? If Music'nMotion is hired to work a 4 hours event, it takes approx. 6 hours to physically work the event. When travel and preparation is figured in it's not unusual to spend 8-10 hours on your event. Not all quotes are the same. Individual client needs and DJ setup situations vary. Every event is "Customized" to suit the client's needs. Prices quoted include travel time,setup & breakdown time and of course, entertainment for the specified time period.

Do you take requests?

With your approval, as many requests as possible will be played at your event!

To help insure airplay, please provide special requests in advance of the event.

Please note that I do Not play songs with explicit lyrics. If the song is unfamiliar that someone is requesting to be played from their smart phone, iPod or other device, I would prefer to refrain from playing this because that song or songs may be inappropriate to play. It is better for both the DJ and the client that we have this policy in place.

Does the DJ take breaks?

If the party doesn't stop,why should the DJ? However, sometimes the client may request a pause for various reasons.

How do I book or check availability for an event?

The easiest way for you to book an event is to call . Don't have time to talk for a long time over the phone, simply submit your information through the on line form on the "Contact" Tab".

How early should I book my event with you?

The sooner the better. If you are seeking a DJ on a short notice, there may be a cancellation on that date and the time slot may be available. Please feel free to inquire about the entertainment services no matter when your event date is. 

Is a tip/gratuity expected by the DJ?

Tips are not expected.If you feel that the DJ did an exceptional job, a tip will most certainly be appreciated. Here's some food for thought: We all tip our server at the restaurant, and if they go over the top with exceptional service, their tip may even increase. Did you know that some clients even tip the caterer? It's all up to you!

What is your deposit amount and when is the final payment due?

In most businesses, deposits are a great way for both parties to commit to each another. You will never be asked to send a deposit until after you receive a written contract/agreement. Deposits vary depending on the amount charged for the event.

Balance of the contracted fees are usually required to be paid in full no later than the date of the event, or perhaps when you meet with your DJ to finalize everything for your event. Sometimes an event is only days or weeks away. In that case, the total amount due may be required in full before the event takes place. Many clients pay their event in full upon receiving the written contract/agreement.

What will we need to provide the DJ for set up? And, if our event is outdoors and it looks like rain, can you just move from place to place?

If your event is outdoors, the DJ equipment must be protected from the elements under a safe covered area. Heat can also cause problems for the DJ equipment? I have seen equipment so hot that you could fry an egg on it. Weather can start out nice one minute, and here comes a big black cloud full of rain the next! 

Bottom line: The professional equipment that is used is very expensive, and takes time to set up. If the equipment has to move from one place to another, there will be a reasonable tear down and set up again fee added to the event cost.

The purpose of the above F.A.Q.'S is simply to provide some insight for those who are planning a special event. When you contact "Music'nMotion and say " Please send the entertainment agreement", your event will be placed on the calendar and the planning process will begin.

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